Selected recent publications in reversed chronological order.


  1. Sustainability
    Power to the Learner: Towards Human-Intuitive and Integrative Recommendations with Open Educational Resources
    Bulathwela, Sahan, Pérez-Ortiz, María, Yilmaz, Emine, and Shawe-Taylor, John
    Sustainability Sep 2022
  2. SciRep
    Network topological determinants of pathogen spread
    Perez-Ortiz, M., Manescu, P., Caccioli, F., Fernández-Reyes, D., Nachev, P., and Shawe-Taylor, J.
    Scientific Reports Sep 2022


  1. NatComms
    Seasonal Arctic sea ice forecasting with probabilistic deep learning
    Andersson, T., Hosking, S.,  Perez-Ortiz, M., Paige, B., Elliott, A., Russell, C., Law, S., Jones, D., Wilkinson, J., and Phillips, T.
    Nature communications Sep 2021
  2. IUI
    X5learn: A personalised learning companion at the intersection of AI and HCI
    Perez-Ortiz, M., Dormann, C., Rogers, Y., Bulathwela, S., Kreitmayer, S., Yilmaz, E., Noss, R., and Shawe-Taylor, J.
    In 26th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces Sep 2021
  3. JMLR
    Tighter risk certificates for neural networks
    Perez-Ortiz, M., Rivasplata, O., Shawe-Taylor, J., and Szepesvári, C.
    Journal of Machine Learning Research Sep 2021


  1. Vision
    Spatio-chromatic contrast sensitivity under mesopic and photopic light levels
    Wuerger, Sophie, Ashraf, Maliha, Kim, Minjung, Martinovic, Jasna,  Perez-Ortiz, M., and Mantiuk, Rafał K
    Journal of Vision Sep 2020
  2. AAAI
    Truelearn: A family of bayesian algorithms to match lifelong learners to open educational resources
    Bulathwela, S.,  Perez-Ortiz, M., Yilmaz, E., and Shawe-Taylor, J.
    In Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence Sep 2020


  1. IEEE Image Proc.
    From pairwise comparisons and rating to a unified quality scale
    Perez-Ortiz, M., Mikhailiuk, A., Zerman, E., Hulusic, V., Valenzise, G., and Mantiuk, R.
    IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Sep 2019
  2. Neurocomputing
    On the use of evolutionary time series analysis for segmenting paleoclimate data
    Perez-Ortiz, M., Duran-Rosal, A., Gutierrez, P., Sanchez-Monedero, J., Nikolaou, At., Fernandez-Navarro, F., and Hervas-Martinez, C.
    Neurocomputing Sep 2019
  3. JMLR
    ORCA: a matlab/octave toolbox for ordinal regression
    Sanchez-Monedero, J., Gutierrez, P., and Perez-Ortiz, M.
    Journal of Machine Learning Research Sep 2019


  1. Liver Trans.
    Validation of artificial neural networks as a methodology for donor-recipient matching for liver transplantation
    Ayllon, M., Ciria, R., Cruz-Ramirez, M.,  Perez-Ortiz, M., Gomez, I., Valente, R., O’Grady, J., Mata, M., Hervas-Martinez, C., Heaton, N., and others,
    Liver Transplantation Sep 2018
  2. IJCNN
    A mixture of experts model for predicting persistent weather patterns
    Perez-Ortiz, M., Gutierrez, P., Tino, P., Casanova-Mateo, C., and Salcedo-Sanz, S.
    In 2018 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) Sep 2018