I am module leader of two courses at UCL. I will be uploading here some materials related to these courses. Watch this space for updates!

AI for Sustainable Development:
This module introduces students to sustainability concepts, as well as different theories of development, showing where both sustainability and development meet. Specifically, the module introduces the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and shows how different AI techniques could both act as an SDG enabler and an inhibitor. The module also discusses some of the most pressing environmental, social and economic challenges we humans are facing and presents a framework to ask questions related to the impact of AI technologies. As part of the course, we engage in inquisitive and analytical speculation during our discussion and paper reading sessions. The module is also inherently linked to governance and ethics and points to many of those works. Finally, this course features guest speakers who are doing research in one of the verticals of sustainability and presents students with code tutorials regarding some of the most impactful AI developments for sustainability (e.g. remote sensing, simulation intelligence, etc.). See more here.

Transparent, Accountable and Responsible AI:
Responsible AI is a combination of principles, practices and tools that enable the deployment of AI technologies in an ethical, transparent, secure, and accountable manner. This module covers the implications of Artificial Intelligence and introduces novel research strategies for building accountable, transparent, and responsible intelligent machines. Among others, this course introduces concepts related to risk and decision making with AI, fair and unbiased machine learning algorithms, safety and trust in human-machine systems, policymaking with and for AI and transparency and interpretability of AI technology, all current open challenges for the artificial intelligence community and with a crucial role to play in building a sustainable society. See more here.